WECAN was started by me, Alex Murray. It’s my passion project and my way of “giving back” in the face of the climate emergency.

If you are involved in a professional group formed around climate action, please add it to the directory (you will need to register first) and email me so I can put you in touch with leaders of groups in other sectors.

If your industry/profession does not have a Climate Action Group in Australia, I would love to help you set one up. The WECAN site can give you:

  • a directory listing that you can edit
  • a membership group you can admin
  • a page on this web site until you register a domain name and arrange hosting and development of your own site, if/when you decide to do that.

To get started, just register, follow the instructions to activate your membership and create a directory entry (please ensure there is no existing entry for the group you wish to add). Then email me so I can create a membership group for you to admin.

Here are my socials if you’d like to connect:

(I’m doing all work pro bono and bearing any costs related to the web site. All listings/groups/tools are free. If you’re interested in supporting this project, please visit the Help WECAN page – thank you!)

Regenerative hugs 💚🌱🌏


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