Adding a link to some text

In the WordPress Editor, open the post you want to edit.

1. The post should look something like this, with a title and body text.
2. Place the cursor at the end of the quoted text from the article, and hit [Enter] to create a paragraph break and make the link more noticeable.
3. Type the text you want to turn into a link (usually “Read article – Source Name”, where Source Name is the name of the site that the article is from).
TIP: make sure you have the article URL (web address) ready to paste after this step.
4. Highlight the text you want to turn into a link. Ready to paste the URL…?
5. Mouse over the “link” icon in the toolbar…
6. Click the icon to open the URL input box… almost there…
7. Paste!
8. The text should now appear as a link.
10. Delete the old link, and remember to “Update” the post to save your changes πŸ™‚

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