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Julien Cahn on Climate
Climate change is a reality whether it’s a naturally occurring phenomena or it’s caused by human behaviour. I applaud the Council for declaring an emergency. We are however still waiting to see exactly how we plan to deal with the consequences. via Noosa Community Ideas Facebook Group ... Read More
Maria Suarez on Climate
Maria Suarez is running for Sunshine Coast Council in Division 9 I accept the facts that our earth’s climate is changing and that human factors are a contributing factor. While it’s hard to make a global impact from the local level, I believe there is still plenty we CAN do. I am a big supporter of the ‘Blue Heart’ project which is a joint initiative between Sunshine Coast Council, Unitywater and Dept of Environment and Science. The basis of this is identifying a vast TRACT of land which could be reestablished as natural wetland. Aquatic plants capture 8 times more CARBON than terrestrial plants. The private landholders in this area will be encouraged to do the same with the state government offering blue carbon credits as a financial alternative to farming or selling to developers. I have also uncovered projects where council have promised environmental initiatives that have not been delivered years after project launch/opening. I will endeavour to have these completed to also advantage carbon collection ... Read More
Daren Edwards on Climate
there is no doubt anthropogenic causes are affecting the world everywhere including our region. We are lucky to have green space which I believe needs protecting. We have great National Parks but we do encroach on them putting pressure on wildlife etc. Additionally we have a lot of low lying land which, and some people I spoke to suggest that this type of land (some of which is cane land) would be better to be acquired by the council for sporting fields to assist with our future generations and ensuring the green space is maintained. As per my post regarding the cleaning up along the roads for safety aspects, it also ensures we can protect our environmental holdings as well should we endure more heat and fires. I found a good site worth looking at as well regarding population growth and the affect is has on climate and related impacts. Candidate supplied ... Read More
Patrick Lloyd on Climate
(Noosa Council's Climate Emergency Declaration was) Nothing but virtue signalling when the focus should be on rubbish and roads. via Noosa Community Ideas Facebook Group ... Read More
David Fletcher on Climate
I believe in climate change and agree that there must be urgent action to prepare the community for it. I applaud the council for declaring a climate emergency; however, they proposed no practical local action about how it would assist the community to deal with it, whether it involves threats from fires, flood or coastal erosion. I believe the council needs to be directly involved on the how's and what to do's and what is required for personal planning if residents need to leave their homes for example. I believe that we have to engage with the council to communicate and deal with the practicalities that come with the limitless issues that come with climate change. via Noosa Community Ideas Facebook Group ... Read More
Nathanael Ford on Climate
Nathanael Ford is running for Noosa Council in 2020. Climate change is a thing, the councils (Climate Emergency) declaration was supported by me, however, I would have liked to see an action plan put in place as part of the declaration ... Read More
Meghan Halverson on Climate
Climate change is a reality that every Council, every BioRegion and collectively, every State and the Nation must consider seriously. I think that Claiming Climate Emergency is a first step to creating a platform that actions can be initiated. In claiming there is a problem we have an opportunity to create solutions to solve this problem. As a mother, community advocate and leader in the environment through my work as a volunteer over the past 10 years, I have personally witnessed the decline of an iconic species and am highly concerned. Recent drought and bushfires, prove to further confirm the catastrophic nature of current climate events and collectively, we can commit to making the changes within our individual lives to support innovative ideas to turn this crisis around. It will be dependent upon agreed collective actions ... Read More
Frank Wilkie - what are Noosa's greatest challenges?
The greatest challenge is the threat of fire to our people and property due to longer, hotter, drier summers and the impacts of climate change generally. The others hinge around strengthening and preserving the things we all love about Noosa while addressing the impacts of Noosa’s success as a tourist destination. (Q&A courtesy of Residents for Noosa Facebook Group) ... Read More
Phil Moran - What motivates you to stand for Council?
A strong desire to maintain our environment and lifestyleHaving lived in Noosa shire for 30 years and been entrenched in the community I feel I have the experience to contribute to shaping the future of our shire. I recognise and applaud the work of our predecessors who have protected Noosa from inappropriate development and I want to continue to get the balance right.Q&A courtesy Residents For Noosa Facebook Group ... Read More
Tom Wegener - what motivates you to stand for council?
I used to frequent the IGA when it was on the corner and sort through scrap wood from the mill. I love that Cooroy has maintained its character and enhanced it through the re-use of the butter factory, the mill precinct, the new library, and especially the repairs to the Cooroy Hall. Similarly, in Pomona, I feel proud that the Majestic Theatre has been refurbished and the organ has been saved, and in Cooran, the Bonsai Brewhouse is breathing life into the old antique building. There is a set of values which the hinterland community shares which respects the past and the simplicity of local business and the face to face way of doing things. In the past the Noosa Shire community has fought hard to maintain these values and succeeded with the enormous effort to de-amalgamate from the Sunshine Coast Council. What motivates me to run for council is to maintain this culture and preserve this way of life. I grew up in Southern California and watched many a small town turn to soulless consumer-lands. I am all in favour of growing a vibrant hinterland economy with new opportunities, however, I will work to maintain the culture of community ... Read More
Yanni van Zijl - What are Noosa's greatest challenges?
The next decade will see visitor numbers grow at a rate much higher than the Noosa resident population. This will have major implications and will take careful planning. We are at a crossroads, with a new Noosa Plan in the wings that will guide how our shire will look and feel over the coming decade and we need to find a balance between the sometimes competing needs of residents and the tourism industry. (Q&A courtesy of Residents for Noosa Facebook Group) ... Read More
Tony Wellington - what are Noosa's greatest challenges?
The biggest challenge facing Noosa is the same enormous challenge that faces the planet, and that is climate change. Under my mayoralty, Noosa Council has become a national leader in responding to this challenge. We are the only Queensland Council to declare a climate emergency. We have set a zero emissions target. We have full time Carbon Reduction and Climate Change Adaptation officers. Council’s Climate Change Adaptation Plan and its Coastal Hazards Adaptation Plan are almost complete. We were founding members of the Climate Council’s Cities Power Partnership which now boasts more than 120 local governments who, collectively, represent more than half of Australia’s entire population. I was awarded the national Ambassador Award by the Cities Power Partnership. We will be hosting a national climate summit in October.The next big challenge for Noosa is to steer Noosa towards an agreed approach to genuinely sustainable tourism. We need to establish targets and systems to ensure a viable tourism sector that takes into account both the needs of our business sector as well as the lifestyle of residents. That’s why I was instrumental in establishing the Sustainable Tourism Stakeholder Reference Group that has seen 14 key community organisations plus Tourism Noosa and ... Read More
Amelia Lorentson - What are Noosa's Greatest Challenges?
Environment- we need to protect our lifestyle and environment. Coastal erosion must be addressed. We need to address our landfill problems.Tourism- recognition of the importance of tourism to the local economy and accepting that the emergence of short-term rentals (Air BnB) in residential areas will need to be managed to protect residential amenity and community spirit.(Q&A courtesy of Residents for Noosa Facebook Group) ... Read More
Frank Wilkie - what motivates you to stand for election?
It’s a privilege to help others solve issues and achieve their aims. Having gained an understanding through work as a journalist of what makes our community unique, I feel compelled to uphold and improve upon Noosa’s points of difference for us and future generations. Q&A courtesy of Residents for Noosa Facebook Group ... Read More
Yanni Van Zijl - What motivates you to stand for election?
I am standing for Council because I want to defend those things that set Noosa apart; our lifestyle, our commitment to resist big city symbols like high rise, traffic lights, and over the top signage. These things make Noosa special, as does our care for the natural environment, and a focus on making this a wonderful place to visit, live in and to do business. (Q&A courtesy of Residents for Noosa Facebook Group) ... Read More
Tony Wellington - what motivates you to stand for election?
I love this shire. Indeed, it’s the best place on the planet, and the elements that make it so special need to be vociferously and consistently defended. Before being elected to the amalgamated Sunshine Coast Council I was on the frontline of the de-amalgamation campaign. I have consistently worked on behalf of Noosa residents in community organisations, as a Councillor and as Mayor. My greatest wish is to continue to serve this wonderful community. Q&A courtesy of Residents for Noosa Facebook Group ... Read More
Amelia Lorentson - What motivates you to stand for election?
I am motivated by PURPOSE. My priority as a Councillor is to deliver solutions to environmental, social and economic challenges that lie ahead for Noosa. (Q&A courtesy of Residents for Noosa Facebook Group) ... Read More
Frank Wilkie - what would your priorities be in your first term?
The priorities would include delivering a cutting edge fire management response including indigenous and high-tech knowledge, continuing the work which has dramatically improved access to hotspots in peak times via free and alternative transport and working collaboratively with industry and community groups to get the balance right when it comes to managing Noosa’s success as a tourism destination. I would also work collaboratively towards delivering quality projects like the Hinterland Adventure Playground, the zero litter to waterways program, upgrading the hinterland trails to becoming a world class network and fine tuning the new planning scheme all while maintaining a financially responsible council that continues to deliver quality services and facilities, steadily reducing inherited debt and keeping rates rises at or below CPI. (Q&A courtesy of Residents for Noosa Facebook Group) ... Read More
Yanni van Zijl - What would your priorities be in your first term?
My priorities include responsible spending and limiting increases in rates to matching the CPI; our natural environment and ensuring that future development adheres to environmental standards and the provisions in the Noosa Plan; balancing the needs of residents with those of tourism; encouraging a diverse and prosperous economy with innovation and sustainability. Q&A courtesy of Residents for Noosa Facebook Group) ... Read More
Tony Wellington - what would be your priorities in your first term?
I will be releasing specific policies gradually throughout the campaign.My overarching vision for Noosa couldn’t be clearer. My top priority is to protect the every elements that make Noosa Shire so special.Noosa is already recognised for its sensitive approach to development, respect for the natural environment, successful economic sector and enviable lifestyle for residents. Over the past four years I have been at pains to strengthen those values, whilst also ensuring that our economy continues to diversify so that we are not so reliant on the tourism sector. According to Lucid Economics and, that approach is working, with Noosa Shire achieving 5.18% increase in GRP over the last financial year (compared with the state average of 1.23%).I have also worked to entrench Noosa as a shining example of sustainability. This is already paying dividends in terms of savings for ratepayers, inspiration for local businesses, and it has enhanced Noosa’s overall reputation.In a nutshell, my priorities are to continue to progress Noosa Shire as a global exemplar of sustainability and liveability. (Q&A courtesy of Residents for Noosa Facebook Group) ... Read More

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