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Michael Pascoe: How to justify pork rorts

How to justify making grants not recommended by the relevant department? Easy – just say you do. That’s what is disclosed by Freedom of Information requests into the wealth of federal government not-recommended-but-given grants. And when National Party ministers get their hands on a pork barrel, public servants’ analysis of


The voices of independents being heard and aiming high

There is a strong feeling of change in many electorates around Australia. The “Voices Of” movement is gathering steam as more than 30 such groups are looking to field candidates at the next federal election. The recent announcement of Kylea Tink as an independent candidate for North Sydney makes her


2022 Federal Electoral Pendulum

With redistributions of electoral boundaries now complete for Victoria and Western Australia, it is time to publish an updated electoral pendulum for the 2022 election. The redistributions have abolished the WA Liberal seat of Stirling and created the new notionally Labor held seat of Hawke in Victoria. (See my previous