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Conspiracy cults breeding terrorism through protests

Protests by right-wing groups over vaccine mandates have seen a rise in extremist behaviour, with death threats carried out against politicians, writes Bilal Cleland. IN MELBOURNE over several days, “freedom” protesters carried nooses and a mobile gallows to the front of Parliament House and one protester said she looked forward


Chinese international students are not a ‘problem’ to be solved

Australian media loves a Chinese influence story and, recently, they’ve taken every available opportunity. This week The Daily Telegraph dined out on yum cha puns in headlines about the ICAC inquiry into donations from Chinese developers, and the Sydney Morning Herald dipped its printer ink into a reliable well of preoccupation:


2021 Federal Redistribution – Boundaries Finalised for Victoria

Draft Federal electoral boundaries were released in March and finalised at the end of June. Today the supporting documentation, the maps and enrolment data, have been published which allows me to publish estimated margins for the finalised boundaries. There were two changes of significance from the draft boundaries. Most of