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KERRYN PHELPS: Coalition threatened by Independent movement

Independent politicians, particularly women, are becoming a strong voice against the ineptitude of our Federal Government, writes Professor Kerryn Phelps. OVER THE WEEKEND, we saw the launch of campaigns for two strong Independent women, Zoe Daniel in Goldstein and Allegra Spender in Wentworth. Recent weeks have seen launches for Penny


How climate denialism was mainstreamed in Australia

Climate change denialists have set up intellectual camp in that small space between doubt and certainty that doesn’t ever quite touch either. In that narrowing space, they assert an absolute dualism between certainty and falsehood and turn the great truth-seeking weapons of the 20th century — the scientific method and the


Paul Bongiorno: We don’t need a bill allowing churches to discriminate

Attorney-General Michaelia Cash has succeeded where her predecessor Christian Porter failed. Today she will take her twice-revised religious discrimination bill to the government party room for approval. Senator Cash is confident she has walked the fine line between guaranteeing the freedom of religious believers to discriminate in their beliefs against