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I’m a lifetime Liberal – but I’m thinking of voting for Labor in NSW | Pete Shmigel

I’m looking at Chris Minns through the same pragmatic prism that many non-aligned voters use. And he’s looking all right

The NSW experiment: will Gladys Berejiklian’s plan pay off?

On Wednesday the New South Wales Labor leader, Chris Minns, is holding a meeting of western Sydney representatives to talk about Covid-19 recovery. I’m going as a Parramatta resident, local recycling operator and mental health advocate. And because, after 30 years as a public Liberal, I’m thinking of for Minns to be the next premier of NSW.

My political background is some 25 years of Liberal party membership, adviser to two premiers, two leaders of the opposition and four ministers and shadow ministers, campaign manager and even state candidate for the seat where the Australian Labor party was born.

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