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Labor to back electoral reforms that could deregister dozens of minor parties

Caucus supports changes to raise the bar for party registration but objects to lowering the threshold to register as a political campaigner

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Labor has decided to wave through a suite of electoral bills that could deregister dozens of minor parties and will give old parties a monopoly on words used in their name.

On Tuesday the Labor caucus backed the changes proposed by the Morrison government, although the opposition will object to one bill that attempts to lower the disclosure threshold for political campaigners, such as NGOs and charities.

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Clarify what counts as “interference with political liberty”, specifying that “violence, obscene or discriminatory abuse, property damage and harassment or stalking” can constitute a breach of the existing section.

Raise the penalty for interference with political liberty to three years in prison.

Reduce the period of pre-poll to a maximum of 12 days.

Allow the electoral commissioner to classify someone a “designated elector” who must use a declaration vote to prevent them casting multiple votes.

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