Liberal Andrew Laming banned from chamber for pouring oil on hands

MP for Bowman, Andrew Laming. Guardian
Backbencher pours flammable bunker fuel on his hands during a speech about the cruise industry before being named by the speaker

Liberal backbencher Andrew Laming has been booted from the chamber in parliament for a day for pouring flammable bunker fuel on his hands during a speech.

Laming was named by speaker of the House of Representatives Bronwyn Bishop during question time on Wednesday for the stunt, meaning he will be banned from the chamber for 24 hours.

The MP for Bowman had poured the thick, black liquid on his hands on Tuesday night while supporting a motion urging cruise liners to use cleaner fuel.

β€œIn his remarks, the member himself acknowledged the dangerous nature of the material,” Bishop said. β€œSetting aside the member’s offence in making use of props, it is highly disorderly to bring dangerous and flammable substances into either of the chambers.”

β€œI consider the member’s actions to be totally disorderly, disrespectful of the house and the federation chamber and potentially dangerous to the health and safety of members of and staff of the federation chamber.”

Bishop said that parliamentary staff were working to clean up the mess left by the fuel, and asked Laming to apologise. He did, but was thrown out anyway.

Laming released a statement shortly afterwards, appearing to back away from his apology. β€œIf Australian families have to breathe it, I don’t back down bringing it to parliament to make the point. With other developed nations banning it in ports, it’s long overdue to do the same thing in Australia,” the statement said.