Predictions of debt, deficit and tax revenue out to 2060 rather nicely avoid the major issue that will confront the economy – climate change

The latest long-term report from the Parliamentary Budget Office provides the good news that the budget looks fine and debt levels even in the worst-case scenario are manageable. The bad news is that, as with all our long-term economic forecasts, there is little attention paid to climate change rendering much of these forecasts irrelevant.

The PBO’s latest “Beyond the budget” report charts where the Australian government’s finances are headed over the next 40 years.

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Other enraged party members demand rank and file preselection ballot in outgoing federal MP Joel Fitzgibbon’s NSW seat

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Federal Labor faces an insurrection over its captain’s pick of Daniel Repacholi for the New South Wales seat of Hunter, with a former local union leader vowing to run as an independent, and other candidates pushing ahead with nominations in protest at the move.

Daniel Wallace, a former secretary of Hunter Workers, which represents affiliated unions in the region, has told the national executive and the Labor leader, Anthony Albanese, of his intention to run unless a rank and file ballot is held.

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The package was meant to combat a rising need for services during the pandemic but providers are still stretched

Promised domestic violence funding to help combat a rise in demand for services during the pandemic is yet to be released more than four months after it was announced by the federal government with fanfare.

The federal government committed to the additional funding in May in response to calls from domestic and family violence services to extend funding announced during the 2020 Covid response.

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Embattled former Attorney-General Christian Porter has resigned from the Morrison Cabinet – but not from Parliament – following the latest scandal involving the acceptance of a large donation to fund his legal battles. Porter, who in 2017 waxed lyrical about the dangers and impropriety of accepting political donations to fund personal legal bills, has now accepted political donat […] read now…

Chief minister Andrew Barr says federal bill to protect national cabinet secrecy is ‘a solution looking for a problem’ as media briefed ‘ahead of every meeting’

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Andrew Barr has questioned the need for a federal bill protecting national cabinet secrecy and accused the prime minister’s office of extensive briefing of media about its deliberations.

On Wednesday the Australian Capital Territory chief minister described the bill as “possibly a solution looking for a problem” and said Scott Morrison’s office appears to brief media “ahead of every meeting”.

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Australian Strategic Policy Institute says Coalition should take pre-emptive action with global trade umpire in case demand for commodity dries up

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Australian iron ore producers risk being used as a pawn in Beijing’s geopolitical power play against Canberra, a leading thinktank has warned, amid concerns Chinese demand for the valuable commodity could dry up if the giant Evergrande property group collapses.

The Australian Strategic Policy Institute (Aspi) in a report on Wednesday urged the federal government to take China to the global trade umpire to reduce the chances of iron ore exports being used as weapon in the mounting diplomatic standoff between the two countries.

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Up until recently when people talked about ‘digital twins’ and spatial services, it has been in reference to architectural drawings, building layouts and the construction industry. But this is only a small and diminishing part of the story. The reality is that digital twins and the spatial services that come with them have become integral…

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Four Australian space companies have shared in $3 million in federal government grants as part of the Moon to Mars initiative. As part of the Supply Chain Capability Improvement program, which aims to grow local space manufacturing capability and supply chains and assist Australian companies to participate in the US government’s public-private Moon to Mars…

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