Maria Suarez on Climate

Maria Suarez is running for Sunshine Coast Council in Division 9

I accept the facts that our earth’s climate is changing and that human factors are a contributing factor. While it’s hard to make a global impact from the local level, I believe there is still plenty we CAN do. I am a big supporter of the β€˜Blue Heart’ project which is a joint initiative between Sunshine Coast Council, Unitywater and Dept of Environment and Science. The basis of this is identifying a vast TRACT of land which could be reestablished as natural wetland. Aquatic plants capture 8 times more CARBON than terrestrial plants. The private landholders in this area will be encouraged to do the same with the state government offering blue carbon credits as a financial alternative to farming or selling to developers. I have also uncovered projects where council have promised environmental initiatives that have not been delivered years after project launch/opening. I will endeavour to have these completed to also advantage carbon collection.

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