Tom Wegener – what motivates you to stand for council?

I used to frequent the IGA when it was on the corner and sort through scrap wood from the mill. I love that Cooroy has maintained its character and enhanced it through the re-use of the butter factory, the mill precinct, the new library, and especially the repairs to the Cooroy Hall. Similarly, in Pomona, I feel proud that the Majestic Theatre has been refurbished and the organ has been saved, and in Cooran, the Bonsai Brewhouse is breathing life into the old antique building. There is a set of values which the hinterland community shares which respects the past and the simplicity of local business and the face to face way of doing things. In the past the Noosa Shire community has fought hard to maintain these values and succeeded with the enormous effort to de-amalgamate from the Sunshine Coast Council. What motivates me to run for council is to maintain this culture and preserve this way of life. I grew up in Southern California and watched many a small town turn to soulless consumer-lands. I am all in favour of growing a vibrant hinterland economy with new opportunities, however, I will work to maintain the culture of community.

Q&A courtesy of Residents for Noosa Facebook Group

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