Tony Wellington – what would be your priorities in your first term?

I will be releasing specific policies gradually throughout the campaign.

My overarching vision for Noosa couldn’t be clearer. My top priority is to protect the every elements that make Noosa Shire so special.

Noosa is already recognised for its sensitive approach to development, respect for the natural environment, successful economic sector and enviable lifestyle for residents. Over the past four years I have been at pains to strengthen those values, whilst also ensuring that our economy continues to diversify so that we are not so reliant on the tourism sector. According to Lucid Economics and, that approach is working, with Noosa Shire achieving 5.18% increase in GRP over the last financial year (compared with the state average of 1.23%).

I have also worked to entrench Noosa as a shining example of sustainability. This is already paying dividends in terms of savings for ratepayers, inspiration for local businesses, and it has enhanced Noosa’s overall reputation.

In a nutshell, my priorities are to continue to progress Noosa Shire as a global exemplar of sustainability and liveability.

(Q&A courtesy of Residents for Noosa Facebook Group)

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