Stand up Leadership: Climate Politics in the Age of Emergency #NCES2020

“What might a leader do?… 1) Bipartisan declaration of a climate emergency 2) Create a department aligned to treasury, similar to post war recovery 3) Weekly war cabinet chaired by PM to rapidly transition to green economy.“ Peter GarrettMusician, activist, politician “If there’s one thing I’ve learned it’s that MPs care about votes and keeping … Read more

What’s the Emergency? The New Climate Reality Check #NCES2020

“The IPCC is very conservative and overstating how much carbon we have left to burn… Their reports are the lowest common denominator of what thousands of scientists are able to agree upon… If anything, we have erred on the side of under(estimating)… the rate and the magnitude of the changes” Dr. Michael E. MannDirector, Earth … Read more

NCES2020 – The National Climate Emergency Summit 2020

The inaugural Australian National Climate Emergency Summit, NCES2020, was held in Melbourne over two days in February 2020. 100 presenters shared their thoughts in 28 sessions with over 2000 attendees, with many others watching the sold-out event at overflow venues or online. Recordings of the sessions are available free via Welcome to Country – … Read more

Tutorial: How to add a candidate response

Register for the site at Email your user name to, with a note saying you’d like to add candidate responses, and the electorate. Make sure you are logged in and go to Enter the title, quote and attribution like this (note that you will need to select the “quote” type block after … Read more

Nationals in disarray as rebel MP Llew O’Brien is elected deputy Speaker

Several Nationals defect in secret ballot to elect O’Brien, who earlier in the day said he was no longer in the partyroom The government has suffered a “humiliating” defeat on the floor of parliament after Labor successfully overruled the Coalition and elevated renegade Nationals MP Llew O’Brien as deputy Speaker.O’Brien, who quit the Nationals’ partyroom on Monday … Read more

National Party Leadership Spill (Feb 2020)

A leadership spill for the federal National Party of Australia was held on 4 February 2020, the day Parliament resumed for the year. It was called by the Member for Wide Bay, Llew O’Brien and followed Bridget McKenzie‘s resignation as Deputy Leader on 2 February 2020 after the Sportsrorts scandal. Encumbent leader Michael McCormack was … Read more

Federal Inquiry into vegetation and land management and their effect on the intensity and frequency of bushfires: Peregian Beach Community Meeting

Background Peregian Beach is located on the northern edge of the Sunshine Coast in South East Queensland, Australia. Peak bushfire season is in spring, unlike NSW (spring/summer), Victoria (summer) and Tasmania (summer/autumn). Bushfires also tend to be less severe than those in other states such as NSW and Victoria. The 2019-20 Peregian fires were a … Read more

Location and Scale of NSW South Coast fires

The 2019-20 bushfires in Australia have gained global attention due to their unprecedented scale and ferocity, with human-caused climate change leading to global heating, and in turn much drier and hotter conditions. Most were not lit intentionally. People outside Australia are often not familiar with the massive size of our country, nor how sparsely it … Read more

Hive Aid – Beekeeper Drought and Bushfire Relief

Australia’s professional beekeepers are our forgotten farmers. These important primary producers are often overlooked when it comes to the effects of drought, bushfire and other natural disasters. Yet professional beekeepers are the cornerstone of our agricultural industry. They play a vital role in helping to pollinate important food crops for both humans and livestock, in … Read more

Statement from 12 Australian Mayors: Climate Change has grave costs for our community that can no longer be ignored

From a statement published on the Climate Council web site: The fires this week in Australia have placed hundreds of thousands of people in great danger. The catastrophic conditions for these fires were, at least in part, fuelled by climate change. 13 of the 14 hottest years on record have occurred this century. Last year … Read more