Indigenous Voice in the Constitution is the only meaningful option

The Government has made little progress on enshrining an Indigenous Voice to the Federal Parliament. It’s clear the Voice must be incorporated into the Constitution, writes Ronahi Demirbag. THE AUSTRALIAN STORY began long before the arrival of the First Fleet. We Australians all know this. We have always known this. However, it wasn’t until the … Read more

How Scott Morrison lost three core voting blocs in a week

The failings of the Coalition Government have finally dented its support among its core constituencies that are crucial to its re-election efforts, writes Andrew P Street. SAY WHAT YOU WILL will about notoriously inactive Prime Minister Scott Morrison: when he does finally make a move, he has a magnificent instinct for turning a single problem into a … Read more

ANTHONY KLAN: Josh Frydenberg caught out in salary scandal

The Federal Government has become embroiled in another salary cap scandal, this time involving a key official of the nation’s embattled media watchdog, secret Commonwealth Ombudsman documents reveal. Australian Communications and Media Authority (ACMA) executive Chris Jose – a Morrison Government appointee – was was illegally paid for two public service jobs simultaneously, receiving $40,100 … Read more

Djokovic v Home Affairs brings home cruel immigration policy

Because Novak Djokovic is world-famous, the extreme cruelty of the Australian Government’s immigration policy is getting international attention, writes Adjunct Professor George Newhouse. FIRST OF ALL, we have to put to one side any personal feelings we might have regarding Novak Djokovic or the anti-vaccination movement.  The real issue here is that the Australian Constitution … Read more

Morrison Government records 50 worst economic outcomes

The Morrison Government’s tally of economic indicators which are the “all-time weakest” or “worst decline in the developed world” keeps climbing, reports Alan Austin. THE PROBLEMS THE Morrison Government has with mistreating women exist on many levels. Many economic outcomes which show impacts on men and women confirm female wellbeing has declined under this regime. 41. Lowest global … Read more

Australian Open opens up with Djokovic exit

While Novak Djokovic won’t be able to defend the crown he has won the last three years, there is no shortage of star power in Melbourne ready to take the Serb’s place on the throne, writes Ronny Lerner. IT IS HARD to remember a more controversial lead-up to an Australian Open tennis tournament. As of … Read more

Julian Assange — a thousand days in Belmarsh

WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange has now been in the maximum-security facilities of Belmarsh Prison for over 1,000 days.  On the occasion of his 1,000th day of imprisonment, campaigners, supporters and kindred spirits gathered to show their support, indignation and solidarity at this political detention most foul.  Alison Mason of the Julian Assange Defence Committee (JADC) … Read more

Government greed is ruining our economy

Neoliberalism and poor government management over the years have been detrimental to a flourishing economy, writes Kyle Mervin. BACK IN THE 1930s, a bloke called John Maynard Keynes came up with an economic theory called the “paradox of thrift”. Now I’m paraphrasing a bit here, but the theory postulates that the drive to accumulate savings … Read more

Appointment of Murdoch mate to top job raises eyebrows

The appointment of a long-time friend to Rupert Murdoch as chair of the ACCC is dubious, given potential conflicts of interest, writes Joel Jenkins. IT HAS BEEN a hard year for Australian workers — many have not experienced the security and good fortunes that have been bestowed on friends of the Federal Government. In a country … Read more

Australia’s republic goal is getting closer

History editor Dr Glenn Davies explores the background to a new republic model so we can vote for our own Aussie head of state. AT THE FEDERATION PAVILION in Sydney’s Centennial Park on Wednesday 12 January, the Australian Republic Movement (ARM) unveiled its model for an Australian republic. This included the preferred method for the … Read more