5G and digital twins in the emerging age of trust

Up until recently when people talked about ‘digital twins’ and spatial services, it has been in reference to architectural drawings, building layouts and the construction industry. But this is only a small and diminishing part of the story. The reality is that digital twins and the spatial services that come with them have become integral… … Read more

Aussie space companies share in $3m for Moon to Mars mission

Four Australian space companies have shared in $3 million in federal government grants as part of the Moon to Mars initiative. As part of the Supply Chain Capability Improvement program, which aims to grow local space manufacturing capability and supply chains and assist Australian companies to participate in the US government’s public-private Moon to Mars… … Read more

The relationship between market power and innovation

Column: ACCC chief Rod Sims has kicked off a debate on merger law reform in Australia. How valid is the claim he mentioned by the International Monetary Fund that further increases in the market power of already-powerful firms could deter innovation? As reported here, Mr Sims has used a speech to the Competition and Consumer… … Read more

Adobe lands $32 million myGov tech contract

The federal government will pay US multinational Adobe more than $30 million to provide “core technology components” to underpin the new version of myGov, with total contracts for the project now worth nearly $80 million. Services Australia entered into a contract with Adobe last month to provide “core customer experience technology to enable a Digital… … Read more

Counterpoint: Culture, structure and workplace diversity

Political reporter and Ms Represented creator Annabel Crabb will join business and public sector luminaries Lucy Turnbull, Wendy McCarthy and Amy Brown on Thursday September 23 for a special presentation on structural and cultural barriers to workplace diversity. The Counterpoint: Women in Government series explores the kind of structural frameworks and cultural settings need to… … Read more

Australia risks being a tech laggard without stronger investment

Australia risks becoming a laggard among the world’s top technologically driven nations without a stronger investment in digital technology-based research, innovation and workers. That’s according to a new “policy primer” report by the Australian Academy of Science and the Australian Academy of Technology and Engineering, which calls on the federal government to make emerging digital… … Read more

Who’s your M8? Hastie and Sharma in the mix for Industry portfolio

Being the Minister for Industry is not a job for life. That’s not how our system of government works. But in the Abbott/Turnbull/Morrison era, being Industry minister is not even a job for a year. At least that’s according to the shadow industry spokesman Ed Husic, who has been making hay while the sun shines… … Read more

‘Bad decision’: Victorian govt commits to partly privatise VicRoads

The Victorian government has ploughed ahead with its plan to “part-privatise” key elements of VicRoads, with the public sector union branding it a “bad decision” that will only benefit the winning bidder. In March this year the state government announced it had made an “in-principle decision” to pursue a “joint-venture model” for some of VicRoads’… … Read more

Full myGov contracts revealed: private companies net $7.5m this year

The full scope of the contracts entered into by the federal government for work to “enhance” the myGov platform has been revealed, with three private companies to be paid more than $7.5 million in the second half of this year. Secrecy has surrounded the work on myGov this year, with contracts posted publicly being listed… … Read more

AUKUS: Political gameplay with innovation opportunism

Opinion: AUKUS is being examined by many brilliant minds, experts in history and the intricacies of the many dimensions of the geopolitical landscape. AUKUS is globally significant and sets Australia on a course for the rest of the century. My examination of the AUKUS announcement is through a geo-tech and innovation lens. Most of my… … Read more