Paul Keating: Morrison is making an enemy of China and Labor is helping him

The Liberals, having no faith in the capacity of Australians and all we have created here, could not resist falling back, yet again, to do the bidding of another great power, the United States of America. Menzies, even after World War II, did Britain’s bidding against the international community in attempting to wrest the Suez … Read more

What does the ALP stand for?

Apart from Paul Keating and a few others I do not know what the Australian Labor Party (ALP) now stands for on key issues. We can accept that political leaders must make compromises from time to time. That is understandable with opposition from powerful and wealthy interest groups supported by a shameful and compliant mainstream … Read more

The quest for small government comes at a cost to good government

The Coalition preaches that small government is best. But the reality is that government is not actually smaller under the Coalition — and what voters really want and need is good government. The Coalition mantra is that business is always more efficient than the public sector. According to the Coalition it then follows that small … Read more

An Australian Story of Cruelty: the Biloela family

On Monday, former immigration minister Amanda Vanstone was wringing her hands on ABC TV. Not on behalf of the persecuted Biloela family, though. She was crying crocodile tears to defend a powerful, inflexible government. As if Vanstone’s scornful judgement about the stupidity of making exceptions to the rule in immigration matters was insufficient, viewers of … Read more

Ministerial standards exposed by Christian Porter’s ‘blind trust’

Until last week, “blind trust” seemed to mean the faith that many Australians  put in their political leaders. However we have been better educated by the revelations that Christian Porter was given money by a blind trust. How much money has not been revealed by Porter — but it could be a seven figure sum. … Read more

AUSMIN and AUKUS: It’s even worse than you think

Nothing exemplifies the loss of national sovereignty, and the abandonment of strategic autonomy, like handing the war decision over to the US. The submarine issue is simply a blind. AUKUS just a distraction. The Australia-US Ministerial Consultations (AUSMIN) joint statement records Australia’s surreptitious accession as the 51st state of the Union. That it has been … Read more

AUSUK security pact: a story of recklessness and delusion

The AUSUK security pact is another provocative alliance that can only end in blood and tears. And for no good reason other than a nostalgic addiction to imperial power.  How ironic that we should choose to sign up to a new security partnership at this time, scarcely two weeks after America’s ignominious exit from Afghanistan … Read more

History is repeating itself: Billy Hughes on Japan and now Scott Morrison on China

In today’s Australia, our leaders are uneducated on the history of Australia’s foreign and defence policies. They’re repeating mistakes that had catastrophic consequences for Australia in the Pacific in the 20th century. In 1919, at the Paris Peace Conference, one of Australia’s most lamentable prime ministers, Billy Hughes, went out of his way to revile … Read more