The gas-led recovery repudiates Australia’s IPCC commitments   

In promoting gas, the government is rejecting our IPCC commitments to achieve carbon neutrality and inviting others to follow suit. It is looney and dangerous stuff. Recent utterances by federal ministers and our prime minister border on outright repudiation of our Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) commitments to achieve carbon neutrality and an invitation … Read more

Who cares what the ‘focus groups’ say?

As we brace ourselves for a looming federal election campaign, it’s likely we’re going to be treated to another unedifying demonstration of why politics should not be treated like the marketing of commercial brands. Back in 1972, when William McMahon was the prime minister and it was obvious to anyone still breathing that it was … Read more

Australian Strategic Policy Institute rorts Wikipedia

In an important but shocking article in Michael West Media (MWM) on 21 August, journalist Marcus Reubenstein has exposed a pernicious practice by which supporters of the Australian Strategic Policy Institute (ASPI) have assiduously removed all negative criticism of ASPI from Wikipedia’s ASPI page, and added fawning praise of ASPI which renders the page, in … Read more

Monthly digest on housing affordability and homelessness – July/Aug 2021

The following is the latest instalment of a monthly digest of interesting articles, research reports, policy announcements and other material relevant to housing stress/affordability and homelessness – with hypertext links to the relevant source. Changes to Tasmania’s reporting on government supported housing. The Tasmanian government recently announced changes to the way it reports its support … Read more

Would you trust Morrison to open up safely?

Scott Morrison has now been Prime Minister for over three years. That means he has spent more time in the job than Turnbull, Whitlam, Rudd, or Abbott did. In those three years he has built a reputation as a man whose word cannot be trusted, and as a man who has given both his Ministers, … Read more

Morrison: no supporter of great causes or freedom

Anything that Scott Morrison has to say about “great causes” and “freedom” in relation to any of his policies, let alone Afghanistan, are absurd and outrageous hypocrisy, utterly devoid of credibility. Surely Scott Morrison has now descended so far into the depths of “anti-leadership” – to borrow Barry Jones’ recent description of Australian political leaders – that … Read more

Crocodile tears by Morrison over plight of Afghans

The Taliban advance was swift; that was the point at which the Australian evacuation of at-risk personnel and their families should have begun. . Hiding behind ‘intelligence’ is a poor excuse. US intelligence relating to Afghanistan has been as bad as their intelligence on Vietnam. The largest group of people seeking refuge from the new … Read more