Three unjustified problems with the Queensland euthanasia bill

The Queensland Voluntary Assisted Dying Bill goes too far in trampling on the rights of those who want nothing to do with it in the last stages of their own life or in their long term relationships with their patients and residents.  This is a new area of law and policy, and we should step … Read more

Russian Duma elections mark a watershed moment in Russia-West relations

Russia, confident that it has seen off major US challenges to its sovereign independence, looks forward to its growing world role following significant elections on Sunday. On Sunday September 19, punctually five years on from the last 2016 State Duma elections, Russian voters will elect all 450 members the Duma, the lower house of Russia’s … Read more

Sunday environmental round up.

China could close all its coal-fired power stations by 2045. North Atlantic right whales facing climate change threats quicker than humans are moving to protect them. More than 200 environmental activists murdered in 2020. I deplore our prime minister’s cynical reference to China’s coal problem to deflect attention away from his own failure to formulate … Read more

There are much greater threats to Australian security than the Chinese military

As a middle power, Australia should be strengthening international organisations and a global community, rather than treating our alliance with the US as the foundation of our foreign policy. There is something oddly outdated in the images of Joe Biden, Boris Johnson and Scott Morrison beaming together over the inauguration of the AUKUS partnership. To … Read more

Mike Scrafton: Nuclear-powered submarines are just bad defence policy

Australian governments are now certain to be bedevilled by submarines for generations. The strategic implications of the nuclear-powered submarine decision include an increased likelihood of catastrophic war, abandonment of national sovereignty to the US, and inevitable trade and economic reprisals. First of all, for those who think a submarine capability is important, it is simply … Read more

Kim Chen: Catholic leaders’ ‘irresponsible’ vaccine statements put vulnerable at risk

The Australasian Catholic Coalition for Church Reform is very concerned at the confusing vaccination leadership from the Catholic Church in Australia. Concerned Catholics Tasmania chair Kim Chen, speaking on behalf of the Coalition, expressed dismay that Hobart Archbishop Julian Porteous’s focus and public stance were about supporting priests with “conscientious objection to vaccination” rather than … Read more

Think tanks have put British democracy at risk. We have the same problem.

It’s arguable that Britain’s path to this point — where it is at risk of decaying into a ‘competitive authoritarian’ regime — can be traced back to the first of the ‘conservative’ think tanks. Britain’s democracy is in a perilous state. While 100 scholars of democracy recently posted a letter expressing their fears about the … Read more

Vale the Doherty Model: Unloved by many and misunderstood by most

It is with great relief and pleasure that we announce the passing of DM, the Doherty Model. Unloved by many and not understood by almost everyone, our thoughts are with the mother, an esteemed institute in Melbourne, who we expect will share our glee. While totally planned, DM was ill-conceived. Its father, our prime minister, … Read more

‘Everybody did it’: wealthy doctors’ lobbies ride JobKeeper gravy train

JobKeeper for dentists? Fair enough. But more public subsidies for doctors’ lobby groups? Callum Foote reports on Australia’s medical colleges refusing to pay back millions in JobKeeper payments. Australia’s specialist medical colleges already rake in enormous government funding. The bulk of college revenue comes from doctors’ membership fees, and doctors continued to pay them during … Read more