Who will stand up and lead us?

Australian Prime Minister Scott Morrison has been widely condemned at home and overseas for failing to lead the country in its time of need during the ongoing bushfire catastrophe. Recent history shows how easily a Prime Minister can be replaced by the ruling party, with no input or consent from voters. This time, with parliament on holidays, we have a chance to make a difference.

Every concerned Australian citizen and resident can write to their Member of Parliament and state the following:

  • Scott Morrison has failed in his duty to lead the country
  • I believe we need a more competent leader
  • I would support _______________ to become Australia’s next PM and urge you to also support this person
  • The following Liberal MPs are NOT acceptable to me: _______________

You can refer to

Let’s crowdsource links to news articles about each of them so that voters can make an informed decision! Please:

  1. Register on WECAN
  2. Use this form to submit links to any relevant news articles about MPs actions.

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