January 6 US Capitol riot hearing: Focus on Donald Trump’s movements during riot, two former aides testify

Sarah Matthews, who is a former press aide, says she found Donald Trump’s refusal to condemn the violence as “indefensible”.

“I was struck by the fact that he chose to begin the video by pushing the lie that there was a stolen election,” Ms Matthews says.

“He didn’t distinguish between those that peacefully attended his speech earlier that day and those that we watched because violence at the Capitol.

“Instead, he told the people who we had just watched storm our nation’s Capitol with the intent on overthrowing our democracy, violently attacked police officers and Chad heinous things like ‘Hang Mike Pence,’ ‘We love you, you are very special.’

“As a spokesperson, I knew I would have been asked to defend that. To me, his refusal to act and call off the mark that they and his refusal to condemn the violence was very indefensible.

“I knew I would be resigning that evening and I finished off the workday, went home and called my loved ones to tell them of my decision and resigned that evening.”