analysisRural and remote maternity services are in crisis, but more midwifery group practices could be a solution

For mothers and babies in rural and remote Australia, where they live dictates how safe they are when giving birth. With many rural and regional maternity services in crisis and staff shortages impacting service delivery on the ground, mothers Yvette Bracefield, Rebecca Grave and Jacinta Chatwin have all found themselves in frightening situations. “If the umbilical cord had … Read more

Harry Styles fan with a disability paid for reserved seats, but saw nothing. What are your rights when buying event tickets?

The front row tickets were billed “best available” on pre-sale but all Norah Sweeney could see of Harry Styles’s Gold Coast gig from her seat was an emergency barrier and the back of a police officer.  The Brisbane woman has a disability which prevents her standing for more than short bursts, so she spent extra on reserved seats to make sure she … Read more

The snake who bit off more than she could chew

Vet technician Iffy Glendinning has seen some strange objects in animals’ stomachs – like the pair of diamond earrings that found their way inside an emu. But even she was surprised this week when a pet green tree python named Gloria was brought into the clinic at the University of Queensland’s Gatton campus after swallowing … Read more

How to reduce your risk when seeking out a builder or protecting a construction project

The liquidation of two major builders has prompted questions of what savvy customers can do — if anything — to avoid unwittingly signing a contract with a construction company in danger of collapse. Key points: Two major construction companies have collapsed in recent weeks, leaving millions of dollars in unpaid debts Industry experts say customers need to do … Read more

The weekend will mark the first Queensland Rugby League match for Hostplus Cup newcomers the Western Clydesdales, who will face the PNG Hunters in Toowoomba on Sunday. Among Hunters’ players will be Sherwin Tanabi, who recently returned to the Hunters squad after earning a training contract with the Dolphins in the off-season. FEATURED:  Sherwin Tanabi, Hunters player Credits … Read more

Working away from home for long periods can leave parents feeling anxious about the connection they have with their children. “They worry they might grow apart from their child. They are worried the child won’t cope. They worry about missing special events,” says Marg Rogers, a senior lecturer in early childhood at the University of … Read more

‘Several systemic factors’ may have contributed to fatal shooting of Queensland police officer Brett Forte by Ricky Maddison, coroner finds

A Queensland coroner has found a proper investigation into reports of automatic gunfire in the area where Senior Constable Brett Forte was fatally shot could have stopped fugitive killer Ricky Maddison before he murdered the Queensland police officer almost six years ago. Key points: Forte was killed by Maddison after he lured the Tactical Crime … Read more

A Word In Your Ear with Roly Sussex

How did our clothes get the names that they have? From shirts to skirts and everything in between, Professor Roly Sussex is chatting about the origins of our wardrobes. Credits Broadcast 16 Mar 202316 Mar 2023Thu 16 Mar 2023 at 3:30am Brisbane, English, Languages

Despite Anthony Albanese’s promise, no Biloela-style intervention for asylum seekers in limbo

Since 2018, Bangladeshi asylum seeker Kabir* has been living in limbo without a visa and the latest update from his lawyer isn’t great. “I called last week and I asked about my situation,” he said. “She said she can’t do much.” Last month the federal government followed through on an election commitment to allow about 19,000 asylum seekers on … Read more

Indigenous woman’s death in custody was not ‘inevitable or acceptable’, sister tells inquest

The family of an Indigenous woman who died in a Brisbane watch house have told an inquest she is “not responsible” for her own death and there was “nothing acceptable” about it. Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander readers are advised that this article contains images and names of people who have died. Key points: Shiralee Tilberoo suffered … Read more

How do you become a nuclear scientist?

‘Nuclear’ is a buzz word in the news at the moment.  Experts predict Australia will need to produce over 100 ‘top tier’ experts in the field of nuclear engineering, every year, to support the sector’s growth over the coming decades. So, how does someone actually become nuclear scientist? And, what does the job look like?  Credits Broadcast 10 Mar 202310 … Read more

Can your kids write in cursive?

Neuroscientists stress the importance of cursive handwriting for improving brain development, motor skills, self-control and even dyslexia.  French education officials took heed of these findings and reintroduced cursive writing classes in 2000 after a brief hiatus. But that doesn’t seem to be the case here in Australia.  Sue-Belinda Meehan is a historian, educator and polymath.  Credits Broadcast 13 Mar … Read more

‘Rare and giant’ trapdoor spider species, Euoplos dignitas, discovered in Brigalow Belt

Researchers have officially described a new “rare and giant” species of trapdoor spider only found in central Queensland’s Brigalow Belt. Key points: The female spiders live underground for their wholes lives and are larger and stockier than the males The males are more brightly coloured and spend years underground before venturing out to find a mate … Read more

Lyn Barnes loves a sunburnt country and is inspired to paint vibrant pieces of art from a region in outback Queensland, often referred to as “Heartbreak Corner”. Her works are held in private and corporate collections around the world. Lyn also wears a hat as a councillor, is passionate about economic development in the west, runs … Read more

What the preliminary investigation into deadly Sea World helicopter collision on the Gold Coast has revealed

The air safety watchdog has released its preliminary report into a fatal helicopter crash that killed four people near Sea World on the Gold Coast Broadwater in January. Here’s what we know from the Australian Transport Safety Bureau (ATSB) about how the crash happened. What were the helicopters doing? Both aircraft were operated by Sea World Helicopters, … Read more

E-cigarettes sold in the playground, as Queensland inquiry looks at how kids get vapes. This is what the law says about vaping

Is this the vaping generation? And how have e-cigarettes made it into the hands of children? The regulation of vaping products will be the subject of a Queensland government inquiry to begin this week.  It will also look at what chemicals are in e-cigarettes, and the health risks linked to them.  Health Minister Yvette D’Ath said teachers … Read more

Shark tracking program in attack hotspot is failing to snare ‘very dangerous’ bull shark species

It’s the high-tech fishing system authorities have embraced to reduce shark attacks – but the program’s operating hours is letting one dangerous species off the hook. Key points: Only eight bull sharks have been caught by the program on the NSW far north cost In Queensland, 40 bull sharks have been caught Bull sharks are considered … Read more