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Collins (Labor) since 2007. Shadow Minister for Agriculture.

covers 10,009 square kilometres, the physical area of the electorate
dominated by the largely unpopulated wilderness in the southern parts of the
state’s world heritage area. Franklin surrounds and is split into two parts
by the electorate of Clark. On the eastern shore of the Derwent, Franklin
includes all of Clarence City with the exception of Richmond, an area that
includes more than 55% of the electorate’s voters. South of Hobart lies
Kingston and other parts of Kingborough Municipality, making up around 28% of
Franklin’s population. The remaining 16% of the population live in the rural
Huon Valley council and areas further south. Franklin includes remote
Macquarie Island, meaning Franklin has the nation’s highest population of
penguins and seals.

AEC Electorate Details

Demographic: Outer Metropolitan – situated in capital cities and containing large areas of recent suburban expansion

The Division of Franklin consists of the:

  • Municipality of Huon Valley,
  • part of the City of Clarence, and
  • part of the Municipality of Kingborough.

The Division of Franklin includes Macquarie Island.