Coalition of Everyone


We call on all groups, organisations and institutions to declare a climate and biodiversity emergency.



The Coalition of Everyone recognises that we are in a climate and biodiversity emergency. The Coalition works on the basis that we need to join forces to effectively work through this emergency and that we work more powerfully when joined together for the common good.


The Coalition of Everyone exists to reach common ground for the common good. We do this by capacity building for Peoples’ Assemblies to be embedded into civil society, and for Citizens’ Assemblies to be formed at regional, state, national and global levels of government to define and oversee what this emergency status means, and how to get beyond it. Partnered with the general public, government and other stakeholders, these assemblies will determine what we can all do about the climate emergency, as individuals, with our communities, and what must also be done about it at a regional, state, national and global level.