Can You Help?

Thank you for your interest in helping WECAN.

With 151 federal electorates and thousands of local councils, we need help from volunteers like you to collect and enter information. Other offers of help eg technical WordPress/PHP skills, graphic design, social media are also very much appreciated.

Whether you are interested in helping out a little or a lot, please register or log in and let us know!

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Volunteers for Climate Action


If you have time to help take climate action and are willing to volunteer your skills and experience, pleaseΒ 

  • Check the current list of volunteers needed
  • Add or edit your profile to specify how you can help

Need help?

WECAN be even better with your help!

WECAN exists to help people take action against the climate emergency. It’s 100% volunteer run and funded. With your help, WECAN could scale to have a bigger impact, faster. Some things that would help right now are:

  • community outreach to professional groups
  • dedicated high-speed web site hosting
  • WordPress development
  • graphic design
  • social media support

If you’re interested in becoming involved, please email Alex.