Jo Dyer

Jo Dyer

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Dyer was born in Melbourne and came to Adelaide with her family as a toddler. After school she studied at the University of Adelaide, graduating in Law and Arts. She describes herself as having been saved from a life in the law by working casually at the State Theatre Company of SA in her final year at Uni and being offered a fulltime job upon graduation. She has since forged a career in the arts working with numerous arts organisations. Since 2018 she has been Director of Adelaide Writers’ Week and presented her final festival in March this year. Dyer also established production company Soft Tread Enterprises in 2008 dedicated to bringing Australian stories to the screen and stage and have presented shows at festivals in Australia and overseas. Her films have won awards and screened worldwide, notably at the Berlin International Film Festival. Dyer recently wrote her first book, ‘Burning Down the House: Reconstructing Australian Politics’, which amongst other things, examines the reasons behind the new Community Independents movement sweeping the country.