John Howard Iraq War
Former prime minister John Howard who Hillary Bray declared war on (Image: AAP/David Moir)

When Antony Green unexpectedly showed up at one of our Crikey subscriber nights at the Green Park Hotel in Paddington almost 20 years ago, I quickly rang Christian Kerr at home and urged him to come down.

Sure, our mad, bad and dangerous to know Hillary Bray gossip columnist had some day job lobbying deadlines for his big German construction company employer Baulderstone Hornibrook, but having the legendary ABC analyst on board was a big catch, so he quickly hopped in a cab.

For someone so keen to meet a Green at the Green Park, it didn’t quite follow that Christian later became such an implacably trenchant critic of the as a political party, but the relationship with Antony Green started that night when Christian approached him in the downstairs bathroom with a simple, hushed “I’m Hillary.”