Hate on the media, sure — but leave the journalists alone

Some members of the press have dropped the ball this . But many election-setting issues have stemmed from important reporting and talented journalists.

Media on politics
(Image: Gorkie/Private Media)

There’s no doubt about who’s getting the worst press out of the current election. That would be, umm, the press itself. Hating on Australia’s media seems to be how plenty of Australians are passing the time while they wait out the . It’s dominating : if there’s a word cloud for this election, the journalistic take-down GOTCHA! would be centre-field.

Sure, hate on the media, but let’s leave the journalists out of it. More, let’s recognise that plenty of individual journalists — most of them, really — are doing some great work. It’s journalists, not a no-longer mass media, that amplify the agenda (with significant input from Twitter), story by story.

The core issues that are shaping the election — like the treatment of in politics, the inherent in a politicised process (and the consequent demand for a national ), the crisis — all started as news stories, dug out and spread around by journalists.

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