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Heavyweights combine to fight integrity vacuum

Two former political heavyweights from different sides have joined forces to combat the and damaging inaction of the Morrison government. writes in Pearls and Irritations:

“Former Liberal leader and I have teamed up as joint patrons of the Truth and Integrity Project,a -focused advocacy campaign targeting ’s record on integrity matters and in the lead-up to the federal .

“We are also patrons of , an organisation driven by Simon Holmes à Court that is supporting candidates committed to strong action on increasing Australia’s commitment to mitigating and embracing a post-carbon economy.

“We are both board members of the Accountability Round Table(ART), chaired by Fiona McLeod, SC, which is devoted to the creation of a Commonwealth with independent authority and power to call witnesses on matters involving corruption in the political process. This is in sharp contrast to the wretched model, programmed to fail, put up by then attorney-general and taken on by his successor .ART’s board includes retired judges, former politicians, public servants,lawyers and academics.

“Both of us are troubled by the failure on courageous policies by both the Coalition parties and the Australian Labor Party (ALP). But the yawning abyss of Australia’s grossly inadequate and mendacious response to climate change and the unprecedented levels of corruption at a federal level are the responsibility of government, not opposition.”

A unity ticket to challenge the integrity vacuum in Canberra – Pearls and Irritations (