September 2019: When everything changed

Global Strike for Climate, Sunshine Coast, Australia on 22 Sep 2019

I imagine that future history books will have a lot to say about September 2019. That’s assuming the world gets its collective act together, and we have a future that can support history books. Here are some items I’d like to see in the chapter outline:

  • The battle against climate change suddenly became urgent and important to huge segments of the population. It was no longer limited to “vegan hippies with excess body hair” and spilled over to large numbers of people in suits, unionists in visibility vests, silver haired elders, the brightest young minds, and everyone in between.
  • The corporate world started to publicly address the trends that had previously been largely confined to boardrooms and analysts’ desks. Reinsurers, sovereign wealth funds and industry bodies began to clearly identify the risks of business as usual.
  • Although some nations were still lagging behind (*cough* Australia *cough*) the mood of their electorates was shifting rapidly. More and more sub-national governments were declaring climate emergencies.

Climate change is the most important and urgent issue our species has ever faced. At the same time, much of our political leadership has failed us. The people are taking back leadership through grassroots activism. Much of our mass media has failed us. The people are taking back communication through social media. Business as usual has failed us. Collaboration is the new competition. Quite simply, those of us who want to be a part of the solution need to prioritise our shared aims and put aside the old rules.

Let’s make September 2019 the most important chapter of human history – the month everything changed.

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