Morrison silent while far-Right targets Indigenous communities

Scott Morrison has cast aside concerns about damaging misinformation infiltrating Indigenous communities, leaving the door open for assaults like that on the Aboriginal Tent Embassy, writes Joel Jenkins. Anti-democratic insurgents have lain siege to the Aboriginal Tent Embassy and set fire to Old Parliament House. These “protesters” have descended on Canberra pushing their amalgam of … Read more

Why ‘The Company You Keep’ matters

Ten years ago, Robert Redford crafted a political drama that bears a lot of relevance to the chaos of our world today, writes Dan Jensen. THERE’S A SCENE towards the end of the 2012 film The Company You Keep that is a sad reminder of how mixed up some people are with their idea of … Read more

Treasury salary scandal deepens

The Department of Finance was warned by one of its own staffers that waiving a $41,000 debt owed by a senior official was likely illegal but it fully waived the debt anyway. The Finance staffer provided written advice that waiving the $41,073 debt – owed by Chris Jose of the nation’s media regulator, the Australian Communications … Read more

ANALYSIS: No Morrison test requisitioning? We smell a RAT

In an exclusive IA report, we detailed mounting evidence suggesting that the Morrison Government – caught out without an adequate plan to supply the community with RATs kits as promised – is stockpiling tests ordered by pharmacies and others in the community who did plan in advance. This morning, IA received confirmation of further cancelled orders, … Read more

Cost of toll roads take Sydneysiders for a ride

Road infrastructure is becoming less accessible, as market forces seek to monopolise a system that is intended on being available to all. The increasing corporatisation of Sydney’s road network risks worsening quality of life indicators for some of the city’s most vulnerable. A deeper relationship than first thought While we don’t regularly think of it, our … Read more

Scott Morrison: The Prime Minister of mad ideas

From kids driving forklifts to crippling foreign relations, Scott Morrison has made some truly questionable decisions of late, writes Paul Begley. AMONG THE PEOPLE Annika Smethurst interviewed for her book, ‘The Accidental Prime Minister’, were L-NP ministers who worked with Scott Morrison when he was Treasurer in the Turnbull Government. A common refrain is that … Read more

EXCLUSIVE: Morrison and Hunt’s tricky denial of RAT requisitions

As Australians struggle to access RATs tests, Greg Hunt and Scott Morrison have publicly denied allegations of stockpiling. Michelle Pini and David Donovan report. ‘This is a reaction to the COVID s*** storm we’re all experiencing together! Please rest assured that you will receive your goods, as soon as possible.’ The above statement appeared on … Read more

Peter Dutton’s war machine cult

The Federal Government has spent billions on defence equipment, ignoring issues such as the climate crisis and pandemic, writes Dr Binoy Kampmark. THE OPERATING DOCTRINE of many a defence ministry is premised on fatuity. There is the industry prerogative and need for employment. There are the hectoring think tanks writing in oracular tones of warning … Read more

Outrage over school COVID breeding grounds

Teachers are expressing concern over the Government’s rush to send kids back to schools while the pandemic is worsening, writes Dr Marie Clark. THE RECIPE for the spread of a virus is as follows: Take several hundred people of various ages who live in different residences. Ensure many of them cannot wipe their noses efficiently. … Read more

Djokovic treatment ‘drop in the ocean’ compared to suffering of refugees

The recent detention of Novak Djokovic in Park Hotel in Melbourne has exposed one of our dirtiest national truths.  The Australian Government’s revocation of Djokovic’s visa at the discretion of the immigration minister, despite a federal court ruling reinstating it, highlights the catch-22 faced by refugees and asylum seekers. How does one receive fair treatment … Read more