Overseas travel could be back by December, but quarantine questions remain

Overseas holidays to the United States, England and Fiji could be back on the agenda by December, but Qantas is sweating on government changes to quarantine. Primarily, questions still remain over how long Australian travellers will need to isolate on their return. Two new dedicated quarantine facilities were announced on Thursday in Toowoomba and Perth, … Read more

Michael Pascoe: Team Morrison v Team Australia, and where NSW went wrong

Scott Morrison invoking “Team Australia” rings hollow in Gladys Berejiklian’s office. It has ever since the bushfire crisis when Team Morrison started briefing against the New South Wales Premier. The obviously poor relations between the Prime Minister and Labor Premiers get plenty of attention, but relations are not good with NSW’s Liberal Premier either, whatever … Read more

Hospitals can cope with COVID: Josh Frydenberg

Treasurer Josh Frydenberg believes Australia’s health system will cope with a rise in coronavirus deaths and cases when the country reopens. The Morrison government is applying sustained pressure to state governments considering backing away from nationally agreed vaccine targets. Mr Frydenberg said Doherty Institute modelling guiding the plan out of the pandemic showed a zero-case … Read more

Richard Denniss: Scott Morrison’s COVID-19 plan is more spin than science

The same Prime Minister who spruiks ‘technology not taxes’ as a climate change strategy is now championing ‘pharmaceuticals not physical distancing’ in the battle against COVID-19. As always, his slogan is more spin than science, and the phoney distinction will be dangerous to our health, our wealth and our society. Just as virtually every economist … Read more

‘We need to get on with it’: PM backs Doherty’s 70 per cent plan

Prime Minister Scott Morrison has warned continued lockdowns will cause more harm than good when COVID-19 vaccination coverages reaches 70 per cent. Mr Morrison insists Doherty Institute modelling that underpinned the fraying national agreement for easing restrictions is solid. On Tuesday, he said negative economic and mental health impacts would outweigh benefits when 70 and … Read more